About Mobile Escapes

We are the only company in Ottawa, Canada to offer this extremely popular team-building activity in a mobile way.

We supply all equipment required and can quickly set up in any room (boardrooms, living rooms, classrooms, lunchrooms, etc.) Once we are set up, you have 45 minutes to work together and escape from our adapted and themed rooms. With a lot of clues to find, locks to unlock and puzzles to solve, the escape isn't an easy task!

Mobile Escapes includes:

  • Puzzles and problem solving activities
  • Team building for family, friends and co-workers
  • Bilingual services

The Mobile Escapes experience is for perfect for corporate events, school programs, staff parties, private events, bachelorettes, etc.

Nicolas Marcil

Eric Marcotte



Eric Marcotte and Nicolas Marcil are both students of the University of Ottawa presently enrolled in the Teacher’s Education program. Eric has been performing magic shows in the national capital for the past 15 years and is soon to be a high school teacher. Nicolas has been an educator for the past 8 years and plans on becoming an elementary school teacher. They also have years of experience as senior facilitators at the Ontario Educational Leadership Center. Mobile Escape was born in August 2016 due to their passion towards creating and hosting team building activities.